Is it wrong to buy wow gold?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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There are many views on if it is right or wrong to buy gold in World of Warcraft. However, the only answer that you should listen to is the answer that Blizzard says is right. Buying gold is against the ToS and AUP that you read and accept every single time you install the game and whenever a patch comes out. Do not do it, your account could become banned real quick.

Furthermore, most gold selling sites are into more nefarious things than just selling gold. They are also into stealing accounts, infecting computers with trojans, and generally causing havoc on servers by having tons of low level characters spell out their website address with their bodies.



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"Buying cheap WOW, also known as World of Warcraft, gold is illegal. Selling cheap WOW gold is also illegal. If caught you will have your account terminated."

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Q: Is it wrong to buy wow gold?
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Buy wow gold with pay by phone?

No you can not buy wow gold with your phone. Buying wow gold is really a terrible idea. You can get banned for buying gold. Besides, most sites that sell gold are scammers and just want to get your account information.

Why do you buy wow gold?

Because we want to be a superplayer. If that I think we need lots of time and WOW GOLD. I don't like waste of my time get gold, so I buy it from a reliable site

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Will you get kicked off of WOW if you buy gold?


In China what is World of Warcraft gold?

In China and any other country that you can play WoW in WoW gold is the online currency used to buy things in the mmorpg WoW.

What do you do if you cant log in to your World of Warcraft account?

Ask Blizzard service, remind if buy wow gold from a unsafe website. If U buy wow gold, must get from a reliable website, such as

How do you enjoy safewow fast cheap wow gold in WOW Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch 6.0.2 smoothly?

Buy earning your own gold and not buying it.

Is it safe to buy wow gold from a good friend?

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What does WOW Gold mean when it claims to provide instant delivery?

WOW Gold is a term used for gold earned in the massively multiplayer online role playing game World of Warcraft. When it says that it will provide instant delivery, it means that a Chinese gold farmer will meet you online in a short amount of time. instantly delivery means you can get wow gold very soon.If you wanna buy instant delivery wow gold you can buy on Buy4games site.It is a legit and good site for games ----------- Buy4games SIte Is best to get wow gold very soon .

Is It Good to Buy WOW Items from Buyboecom?

It is never a good idea to buy WoW items (Gear, gold, leveling) from any site. It is against the rules to buy items like this.

Anyone know where you can buy wow gold?

Buying gold is extremely illegal, your account can be blocked permanently by blizzard.

Where can you buy cheap wow gold when world of warcraft 6.0 coming?

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