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OMG! Ponybox is the best horse sim game to play. The people are super friendly. You will love it. ;D I'm Painted Purple BITS.

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Q: Is ponybox paint a good horse sim game to play?
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What are some good horse roleplay sites?

Ponybox is a great sim/RPG game

What are some good horse forums?

youngrider and ponybox are the best

What good online horse games can you play?

ponybox paint is a good one, :) i play it. if u joined im arabspaintedranch. :) also Morgan and peguas and nokata. im Arabs paintedranch on all of them. in Morgan im Arabs paints. :) hope this answeres ur question.

What game is like howrse?

There are other websites which are, where you take care of any animal and then there is horse tycoon which is the same thing like howrse but you can't put pictures on your page! None of these though,are not better than the game Howrse! Hope I answered your question correctly!club pony pals is the BEST game ever you can actually groom your horse and actually ride it!try im not sure what it would be compared to howrse,and horseland, but try it anyways:)here are the best websites on the web:clubpenguinmoshimonsterstoontown

Good multiplayer horse game? is a good one.

What is a Paint Horse?

Paint horses are a color breed. To add to the above answer. Paint horses were originally 'crop out' Quarter horses that could not be registered due to having too much white on them. A registry was formed and after a while the Paint horse became a breed based on pedigree rather than color alone. Almost all Paint horses are registrable as pintos provided they have the correct markings.

Appearance of a paint horse?

Some horses has big cheek bones. Some have long skinny faces (most are like this). The paint horse is muscular and is the good for riding. Actually pretty much good for anything. P.S Sorry i got a little of subject

Is a paint horse domesticated?

Of course! Any type of horse can be domesticated. Paint horses are very often seen in the wild, but domesticated Paints are amazing Western riding horses, and are good in English riding too. Paint horses are actually VERY common pets.

Is HorseIsle a good game?

Horse isle is a entertaining horse sim game. The art is fantastic. The graphics are good, its 2d. Lots of quests to do, and ways to make money.

Model riding horse?

A model riding horse is usually a temperamental family type of horse. A paint, pinto, palomino etc is usually good but you should always learn about a horses personality before riding it.

Why did Native Americans paint horses?

For many many reasons, such as war horse paint, medicine horse paint, hunting horse paint. They had many different symbols, varying between different tribes. such as the circle around the eye represents good vision, and hand prints indicate different things depending on where. the chest hand print shows that the war horse has ran a man down. multiple dots together may mean a prayer for hail to rain on the enemy. Its hard to find all the meanings of them and the various reasons.

Is horse life 2 a good game?

Yes, it is a very good game. It is also sutible for all ages, I hope this ansers your question.