Is there a time limit to sim locks?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: Is there a time limit to sim locks?
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How many babies can you have on sims 2 pets?

There is no limit to the amount of kids your Sim can have in any of the games, the female Sim can have as many kids as she wants during the 28 days it takes for them to become elders, the only limit is that only eight Sims can live on one lot at a time.

How many cars Are you allowed to have in sim's 3?

There is no limit as long as you have enough money.

Why can You Not Face Time without a SIM card?

You can Face Time without having a SIM card. Face Time is through you Apple product.

What is the time limit on a filibuster?

There is no time limit on a filibuster.

What is the most addictive physics game?

The most addictive Physics game is the sim game called Basketball. The game is compete with player internationally and nationally, trying to get the most baskets within a time limit.

In the sims2 can you get a zombie sim to become a plant sim?

no not since last time i went on it

Why are certain locks on my moto X disabled and is there any way to fix that?

Not knowing what kinds of locks you are referring to, whether it can be fixed, unlocked/disabled, or relocked/enabled depends on the circumstance. For instance, if it's carrier locked (SIM locked), you would need to contact the carrier to SIM unlock the Moto X. If you mean to unlock the Moto X's bootloader and root the device, there are methods out there to do so. Or the converse is that there are methods to relock and unroot the device as well. If you can specify what kinds of locks are disabled, your question can be answered more appropriately.

If you have the Sim's 2 free time and i just bought The Sim's 2 pets Do you have to use the Sim's 2 free time disc or the Sim's 2 pets disc?

The regular Sims 2 disc. Those are just expansion packs, not actual games.

What is the maximum intelligence on pico sim date 2?

there is no max cap the sky is your limit :D

What is the time limit for Pokemon games?

There is no time limit on Pokemon games.

How do you get a purebred alien sim on The Sims 2 double deluxe?

at night time, you have to have your sim "stargaze" with a telescope. if they get lucky they will be abducted and the sim will then be pregnant (given the household can hold another sim and the sim is an adult) it does not matter if your sim is male or female, they will have an alien baby either way.

How do you activate permanently blocked sim card due to several attempt to unlock PUK Lock?

you can't! If you enter the puk code too many times typically 7 attempts it permanently locks the sim. there are only two possible options left. 1. brand new sim AND number 2. depending on your network provider you may be able to get a replacement sim and have any credit etc transferred over.