Is there a toontown on Wii?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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no there is not toontown on wii there is only toontown on the computer

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Q: Is there a toontown on Wii?
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Can you play toontown online on the wii?


Where do you get Toontown on your Wii?

You can, but I don't know how to do it, that's why I'm here, but you can.

Are there toontown cheats?

There are toontown cheats look on youtube :) "toontown cheats"

How do you get on old toontown?

Log in on the ToonTown page.

What is the name of the new toontown?

ToonTown Online

What is Toontown's Email address?

If you want to email toontown because of a problem then email them at

When did the skelecog HQ start in toontown?

Sorry but that hq has never started in toontown. Im not pretty sure if that hq is even going to be in toontown or not. Its what toontown decides to do.

Do you have to subscribe to toontown to get a clothing ticket?

Not in toontown central.

Can i have your toontown account?

user 2592773 pass toontown

Is their cheats for toontown?

yes there is alot of cheat in toontown

Where is cog building in toontown that you can get into if you are not a member?

in toontown central

Do they just use test toontown to add-on to toontown?

Sometime they dont add stuff to toontown if it nots good