Is world of tanks a safe game?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Yes, it is a very secure game checked by MacAfee.

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Q: Is world of tanks a safe game?
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Is world of tanks safe?

YES World of Tanks is a safe and fun game I love it and you will to!

Is world of tanks game safe?

Yes, it is a very secure game checked by MacAfee. Hope this helps Blahshark1234

Is there a game like team tanks?

World Of Tanks

Are there any good war games online?

One game has always been fun and interesting to play. This game is World of Tanks. The game features tanks and artillery from World War II and the game has great multi-player battles. The game features tanks that were used in the war and tanks that were only prototypes and were in design during the war.

How do you start playing the game called world of tanks?

Go to Start, and type in the search box "WoT" or "World of Tanks" and it will say "open world of tanks open/closed beta" on that and get going! (I am a World of Tanks fan and I play it all the time!)

What does wot stands for?

it stands for World of Tanks. (game) its an online game which you have tank and kill the other tank by shooting them it's online game. you can buy tanks too.

Can you play World of Tanks on Linux?

World of Tanks is not officially compatible with Linux. It has been reported to work acceptably under Wine, but this can change as updates are made to the game.

Is world of warplanes free to play?

World of Warplanes is a free game but you may pay for in game gold to buy more items. The Gold can also be shared with the Game World of Tanks.

How many people has played the video game world of tanks?

they really happy and exciting.

Is there a safe chat game world for kids?


Is world of tanks a good game?

Yes, at first when you're not used to it, it is harder, but the farther you get it will get better. :)

When did World of Tanks happen?

World of Tanks happened in 2010.