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Q: Maplestory where do you find leader of the sand bandits?
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Where do you find sand in maplestory Cygnus knights for iphone?

You kill the sand giants

Where is the sand bandits residence in maple story?

There are in Ariant

Who is the leader of the sand village and what is his title?

The current leader of the sand village is Gaara. His title as leader of the sand village is Kazekage.

Where can I find may to get some sand Googles in pok'emon ruby?

beat the fire gym leader

What obstacles did Marco Polo have to overcome?

Marco Polo left with is father and uncle for China. It took them 4 years to reach their goal and in that time they had to overcome weather, bandits, ship wrecks, snow storms, floods, miles of desert, mountains, oceans, hostile people, and many other things. It was not an easy trip.there were sand storms that had struck

Who is the leader of the three building the sand castle in Lord Of The Flies?

It´s not a a sand castle it is a rock castle and it is Jack the leader who later makes everyone else follow him. I you are talking about he shelters it was Ralph.

What do you find in the sand on wimpy boardwalk?

All you find in the sand is a bunch of tokens!

Did the moon ever have water?

Yes the moon does have water. it is in the sand. to find it you have to find red sand.

How many Sand Hills of Tenacity are there in the Maplestory Cygnus Knight app?

There are 3 Sand Hills of Tenacity. After you complete the last one you get9976expPower Elixir x 99Brave Buckler with following stats:Req. Lvl: 40DEF: 13Auto HP Recovery: 40Available Upgrades: 5

What is the only Isle where you can find Arabians on Horseisle?

The only place you can find Arabians on Desert and the Sand Isles, but anywhere that has desert sand, not beach sand.

Where do you find millipede?

You can find a millipede in the sand

Were can you find glass?

in the sand