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Try not putting it in backwards, rubbing it on your shirt, pound on the Xbox three times, or just don't play that game.

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Q: My xbox 360 will read a game it says the game to but when you play it it will not read?
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When I put a game in my Xbox 360 it says play DVD and when I press A to play it It comes up with The Xbox 360 logo and The Words Xbox 360?

your disk is scratched

When you put a game in your xbox 360 it says play DVD and when you press A to play it you comes up with The Xbox 360 logo and The Words xbox 360?

If it's a video game and comes up as that the disk is scratched.

Can i install a game on my hard drive and play with a broken game?

No because the xbox has to read the disk for it to play. Even if you have downloaded it already. Alternative you can mod your xbox and load games on it if you have an hard drive then you can play your games.

Can you play DOA extreme beach on a PC?

No there is not a Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball version of the Xbox game for the PC that I could locate and the Xbox game cover says only on the Xbox

Can you play Counter Strike on Xbox?

Yes you can,but you need to buy it at game stores that have Xbox games(It says Counter Strike on it) I have it by the way(Not Joking!).

Can you play UK xbox 360 games on an Australian xbox 360?

Daniel draper go to type inyour game and if it says a specific region you cant if it says 'no region protection' then you can . hope i helped

What do I do when my xbox says you are not old enough to play This game on ea games?

This is probably because of parental control.Just ask whoever set it could you play that game.

My xbox slim wont read halo reach forge world and theres not a scratch on it i just got it clean at play n' trade and it wont work it says player cant read contet does that mean my xbox is boke'in?

i have halo reach and it works perfectly, but i also have modern warfare 2 and my 4gb xbox 360 slim wont read it, both my game and my xbox are brand new, so i returned my xbox for another slim and it wont read the disk, so i return the game for another one, still mw2, and it wont read it. so yes the xbox 360 slim is broken, not yours but everybodys

Can you play a game that is for the Xbox on the Xbox live?

There is no "The Xbox Live", Xbox live is simply a pay-to-play game service where you can play Xbox 360 games online. It depends on the game if you can play it online or not, the game's box should on the back say if it can be played online.

Can you play playstations games on a Xbox 360?

Nope, the 360 wont be able to read the game.

Why wont your halo 3 let you play campaign?

That means your game is scratched or your xbox can't read it.

Can you play the Xbox game dukes of hazard on Xbox 360?

if it is a Normal Xbox game and you want to play it on the xbox you may need to manually update your xbox