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degradable robes and armour: Combat hood, Combat robe top, Combat robe bottom, Any elemental staff, Runecrafter gloves, Amulet of Magic, Explorer's ring, Anti-dragon shield

NON degradable robes: Runecrafting armour gives slightly less attack bonus than combat robes but thry dont degrade so u dant have to waste time getting tokens to recharge them (i recommend runecrafting armour. P.S. u need 50 runecrafting to get the runecrafting robes.

: armour same as above but instead of combat robes wear: runecrafting robes

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Q: On runescape what is best worn when training magic in f2p?
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On runescape what is best worn when training magic?

Mystic armour is good and cheap

How much is it if you have 500 magic logs in runescape?

Well, if your talking about the value of all the logs you can use the in-game price checker on bottom of the 'worn equipment' tab.

What can you do with a amulet of magic on RuneScape?

An amulet of magic simply gives you a magic attack an defense bonus, so it is perfect for those who wish to give themselves a small boost when it comes to casting spells and taking their damage.

Can you make iron worn out gauntlets on runescape?

No, it can only be obtain by Fist of Guthix.

What do you call the pants worn for training?


On runescape what is best worn to train ranged?

i am level 99 range in runescape and the best ranger armour and bow and arrows to use are black dragon hide chaps,coif,body,vambraces,amulet of range,dark bow only ussable above lvl60 and dargon bows hope this helped add me if you have any question (CYCLON3X111)or(illdog9512)

Who has worn number 3 for Orlando Magic?

penny hardaway and Steve francis

On runescape how long does it take for a pair of bronze guanlets to turn into worn-out bronze gauntlets?

they get discharged ONLY on death.

Do corrupted 2hswords break easy on RuneScape?

There is no corrupted dragon 2h sword in Runescape. All corrupt items degrade within 30 minutes of being worn regardless of whether you are in combat or not.

In which sport must a life jacket be worn at each training session?


The best armor in runescape?

I don't know what the best armor is. The most expensive would be a full third age set. My favorite is a full dragon with dragon full helm, dragon boots, worn-out dragon gauntlets, oynox ring and neacklace or on of the full barrows sets. I really don't think there is a "best".

How much in RuneScape is aromdiel?

around 1-20mil for one piece. so about 60mil for full on runescape. also it can only be worn under a certain quest being completed. not sure which one but one! good luck figuring it out lol