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No, if you love him then it is no problem. However if you dont love him - you should have already dumped him.

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Q: Should you dump your boyfriend who is addicted to video games?
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What should you do to NOT be addicted to video games?

dont play them.

Im addicted to video games is that a problem?

You are addicted to video games because your mind sort of falls in love with the video game that you are playing and that makes you addicted to the video game.

Should you buy video games?

yes video games in my opinion are the best idea since underwear

What should you get for your boyfriend for valentine?

well it depends on what your boyfriend likes. you should probably only get him something based on what he likes. If he likes video games then get him video games or something like that

Addicted to video games?


Why are boys addicted to video games?

Girls and Boys could be addicted to video games It gives you a feeling of want so that's why you do it more.

Can you get addicted to playing video games?


What kind of person doesnt get addicted to video games?

people who dont like video games

How can you get your child unaddicted fom video games?

You can't - it's too late. Once your child has become addicted to video games, it is nearly impossible to get him/her un-addicted. Video games fuel this generation of kids, and once your child is addicted, it cannot easily be expunged from your child's system. The only way to get your child un-addicted from video games is to find an even better substitute, which can't really be found nowadays.

Who cant become addicted to video games?

Nobody can not get addicted to video games. If you like a game so much you going to play it again. If you do not like the game and get bored of it you will not play it again.There is no one who cannot become addicted to a game.

How did video games impact your life?

video games CAN impact your life if you get addicted to playing them and let them consume all of your time.

Will Ryan be addicted to video games?

Yes He will at age 16. Who is Ryan