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Not sure about dinosaurs, but alot of animals and stuff you can get by installing mod called "Mo Creatures mod".

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Q: The mod on Minecraft where you can get Dinosaurs?
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How do you get dinosaurs in mine craft 1.1?

you have to download the mod called "dinosuar mod" on minecraft

Minecraft Jurassic park seed?

There is none ... You need to get the mod to see dinosaurs.... The mod is in the Minecraft marketplace... Hope that helps 😁

What happened to the dinosaurs in Minecraft?

There were never any dinosaurs in minecraft.

What is the airplane mod in Minecraft?

a mod where you can fly a plane on minecraft so get it

What is the best mod in Minecraft?

Minecraft doesn't have an official best mod.

Can you have a Minecraft mod without downloading it?

Nope. You HAVE to download a minecraft mod to have it.

Is there a superhero mod in minecraft-?

One example of a superhero mod in Minecraft is Superheros Unlimited for version 1.6.4.

How do you get Minecraft mo creatures?

Mo Creatures is a modification (mod) for Minecraft. You can get this mod by downloading it from The Minecraft Forums.

How do you download mod loader for Minecraft?

Just search in google 'Minecraft mod downloader'

Is there a mod that raises the mod cap for minecraft?

You can get a mod to do just about ANYthing you want, just do a Yahoo/Google search for something like "minecraft mod".

Where can you find the ender dragon mod for Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is a part of Minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

Can you mod minecraftSP Mac?

You can mod minecraft in the mac.