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Q: The shy guy in cubyrinth 2 Mario and sonic?
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How do you beat deluxe half pipe in cubyrinth on sonic and mario at the olympic winter games?

If you found that mission hard what I did was try a lot and I mean a lot and the in frost town go to the white shy guy and ask for a ticket. If he says no then you have to keep on trying till he realizes that you tried. But the a black star will appear and you won't get the emblem if you are collecting them.

How do you get shy guy?

Shy guy is a character in the Mario games from Nintendo.

In Mario and sonic at the olympic games does the white shy guy always give you a ticket?

Sadly, no. He only gives the ticket to you sometimes.

What color is shy guy in Mario kart 7?

Shy guy is red in Mario Kart 7

Do you get shy guy on Mario cart for the wii?


Can you play as Shy Guy on Mario Kart Wii?


In Mario and sonic at the winter olympic games how can you get a competition ticket?

Once you've failed about 5 missions in a row, the white Shy Guy in Frosttown will give you a competition ticket.

What video game franchise did Shy Guy appear in?

Shy Guy appeared in the Super Mario video game franchise. He was in Super Mario Brothers 2 and Super Mario Brothers USA. The character also appeared in Mario Tennis and Mario Kart.

How old is shy guy from Mario?

shyguy is 33 years old i agrree

Is there a golden shy guy in Mario kart ds?


Who created shy guy from Mario bros?

Shy guy first appeared in Super mario bros 2. Super mario bros 2 is basically a remake of Doki Doki Panic developed by Kensuke Tanabe. Doki Doki panic is where the Shy Guy first appeared but the creator of the shy guy seems to be varied between people but my guess is that he was created through a team of people.

How do you unlock shy guy in Mario kart ds?

you have to beat 50cc