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in zone 5.1

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Q: Were is the key that helps you use the elevator in riddle school transfer?
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What is a elevator?

a elevator is a thing that helps us around places in story building

What does a planes elevator do?

The planes elevator is used for vertical movement right below the rudder, it helps with getting up and down.

What does the elevator of a zeppelin do?

It helps to make it fly at the correct angle.

Where can you find the song The Riddle by Shane Keister?

youtube- doctor otto and the riddle of the gloombeam 10/10. hope this helps :)

When does the ersatz elevator take place?

The Etsatz Elevator takes place in the sixth book. If you ment when in the book, it's when Klaus notices that the elevator has an up button, but they are on the top floor, so he hits it and they find out the elevator is ersatz. Hope this helps!

What is the code of the elevator in Game Show Island?

the code is 2014 hope this helps

How does the elevator help people?

they create them equal. it helps them not have to climb up the stairs/ :)

What is the purpose of the counterweight in an elevator?

The counterweight in an elevator serves to balance the weight of the elevator car and its occupants, making it easier for the motor to lift and lower the elevator. This design helps to conserve energy and ensure smoother operation of the elevator.

How do you get to elevator in hideout on Pokemon LeafGreen?

I play the fire red game. I think it's the same.ELEVATOROn floor 2, go south and the elevator should be in view.Hope this helps!

What is the answer to daichi riddle?

1: They were all married and not single 2: My Reflection Hope that helps ^^

Howto suvive a elevator drop?

IN a modern day elevator, you should normally, always survive it. Elevators are built, to in an emergency, autobrake. For example, If the wires holding the Elevator rip, and the elevator comes crashing down, these auto brakes get activated and will stop the elevator by not abruptly but with a harsh brake, bringing it to a stop before it slams into the ground. please let me know if this helps -Justin-

Is an elevator a pulley?

An elevator uses a system of pulleys to move the cab up and down the shaft. It achieves this by connecting the cab to a counterweight through multiple pulleys and cables, allowing for efficient vertical transportation between floors. The pulley system helps to distribute the weight evenly, making it easier to raise and lower the elevator cab.