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Chica is commonly referred to as a duck. However, this is untrue. Chica is actually a chicken, not a duck. You can memorize their names by the letters in them alone. For example:

Chica= Chicken

Bonnie= Bunny

Foxy= Fox

The only two from the first game that stray from that order is Freddy and Golden Freddy. When I first discovered the game, I had a hard time remembering which one was Freddy. So I thought of the infamous villain, Freddy Kruger, from Nightmare on Elm Street. I remembered he wore a black bowler hat type of thing, and so did Freddy from the game, but in Fazbear's case, he wears a top hat. I just remembered:

Kruger+ hat= hat+ Freddy

Obviously, Freddy and his other edition are bears. Golden Freddy is just a gold version of Freddy with no eyes.

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Q: What animal is chica in five nights at freddy's?
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