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The colors for Party-Hats are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White
  • Green
  • Yellow
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Q: What are all the colors of party hats runescape?
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How many party hats are left in runescape?

About 500 if you add all the colors together. They have gotten quite rare these days.

Hats of all colors?


Where are all four monkey quest party hats?

no wear

What are the colours of all the beads on RuneScape?

Beads in RuneScape are available in four different colors. These are black, red, yellow, and white.

Who is Ic Uc?

Ic Uc is a famous player mod in runescape with all p hats and ween hats. Ic Uc is lvl 3 btw. AWESOME MOD. IN RS

Where can one purchase cheap and comfortable baby hats?

It can be bought at any baby store that sells baby clothes and shoes. It will be found where all the tops are or at the shoes. All the hats will be soft and in many colors.

Do you need to be a member in runescape to go to the partyroom?

No. The party room is available for all players.

Where online can I purchase women's hats?

Hats in the Belfry is a great online store that sells all styles and colors of hats for both men and women. You can visit the online store's women's section here:

What retailers offer Vikings Hats?

There are many retailers online that offer Vikings hats for sale. Windy City Novelties, Amazon, Snorg Tees, and Party City all offer different varieties of Vikings hats.

Will other holiday items be able to be bought like party hats on runescape later on in time?

This is not likely. Jagex stated that they didn't want to repeat what happened with partyhats, santa hats, etc. - the fact that holiday items become traded later for huge amounts of game money. Therefore, all recent holiday items have been untradeable. However, you can still buy santa hats (for example) now, if you have the money. It is likely that their price increases in the long term.

What imps have the yellow and white beads in runescape?

Imps drop all colors when it comes to beads, they're all part of a random drop.

Where can polka dotted sun hats be found?

Amazon is a good starting place when looking for polka dotted sun hats. Many colors are available for all different age groups. Prices can start from $25 upwards.