What are dr carrot and potato pete?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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Potato Pete and Dr. Carrot were the 2 made up characters who encouraged children to eat more vegetables

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there some ww2 dudes

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Q: What are dr carrot and potato pete?
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Who were the two people that encouraged children to eat vegatables in the world war 2?


Name the 2 characters which were used to encourage chilrden to eat more vegetables?

Potato Pete & Dr. Carrot answer supplied by WWII RAF Researcher

Who was used to encourage people to eat carrots in world war 2?

potato pete and doctor carrot Great and healthy

Is a sweet potato a potato or carrot?

Its a yam

Which is most like a carrot Cherry Apple Grape Potato?

The potato and carrot are both roots.

Which of these is a modified underground stem radish carrot sweet potato potato?


Which one is odd carrot potato cucumber tomato lettuce?

Potato. Carrots, cucumbers, Tomatoes and Lettuce are not starchy tubars.

How do you tell whether it is a root or a stem eg carrot potato sweet potato?

It's hard to tell. it's best to just memorize these things- carrot is a root, sweet potato is a root, potato is a stem, etc.

What food has a plant's root's in it?

A lot of vegetables: the carrot or potato are examples. The carrot is the root of the plant

Who was potato pete?

At least two characters have had the name "Potato Pete". One was a cartoon character (an anthropomorphic potato), originally used in World War 2 to promote the consumption of potatoes, especially those grown in home gardens. (Also used was "Doctor Carrot".) The second was one of the original entrants in the Great Pierogi Race, an animated and funny-costume contest presented by the Pittsburgh Pirates during baseball games (inspired by the "racing sausages" mascots of the Milwaukee Brewers). In 2003, Potato Pete was replaced by Oliver Onion. The entertainment is sponsored by Mrs. T's Pierogies of Shenandoah, PA.

Is carrot an underground modified stem?

A carrot is the root, just like a potato or onion.

What vegetables are there in spring?

peppers, potato, tomato, cucumbers, carrot