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A memory card is a removable data storage medium. They are frequently used in a device to store non essential data - a PSP's internal settings and firmware are stored on chips inside the console, but any saved games, music and such will be stored on the memory card.

A 'Memory Stick' is a brand name for the memory cards used by Sony devices.

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Q: What are memory cards and memory sticks used for?
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What does Sony use for their cameras instead of regular memory cards?

memory sticks

Are there specialy colored memory cards?

There are no custom colored memory cards unless you are talking about the memory sticks you place into your computer. Those particular cards you can order special customized logos colors etc.

What devices held information before memory sticks?

Floppy disks were often used before USB or memory cards existed. It was the main form of saving data at that time.

Can a memory card enter the PSP?

Yes, but they have to be Sony Memory Sticks or equivalent. SD cards do not fit in a PSP.

How can Memory Sticks be defined?

Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card. In other words, Memory Sticks are used as storage media for a portable device. Memory Sticks can easily be removed for access by a PC.

What are Memory sticks used for?

To play warhammer with.

What is the part of the computer where you can save files?

Clearly its a hard drive. Other options are external solid stated drives, memory sticks, and memory cards.

Could you put the memory stick for the psp in the ds?

No, the PSP uses 'pro duo' memory sticks, while the DS uses 'SD' memory cards. They are different shapes, and are not interchangable.

What types of extra memory sticks can I get for my GameCube?

You can get GameCube Memory Cards in the following sizes, 256 MB, 128 MB, 64 MB, and 32 MB.

Is a Kodak memory stick compatible with a Sony camera?

No, Kodak cameras take sd cards, sony cameras take proprietary memory sticks. They are not compatible.

Where was the data stored on early computers?

Before computer memory chips and memory sticks were invented, floppy discs were used.

Do digital cameras use flash memory for storage?

yes, most dSLR cameras use CF(compact flash) cards for memory.