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Q: What are several cheats to get to the top of sky high on animal jam?
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What are the cheats for animal jam in 2012?


What are animal jam cheats that give you 10000 gem?

wild animal

What are some animal jam cheats that are available?


What are the cheats for Animal Jam?

discover, playwild, speedy and playsafe

Are there any cheats for animal jam?

To make animal jam, simply take your animal (a cute kitten for example) put it in a blender and spread it on toast for a delicious morning snack.

What is the best site for animal jam cheats? works best for cheats and codes on animal jam (etc.) my username is wolflover05163 add me, im very nice, oh... and trade me a non member bow or blue tiger plushie i really want one of them.

Where do you get cheat codes for Animal Jam?

There are many websites that share some Animal Jam cheats and codes. I usually go to a website called "animal jam community" it has a ton of cheats, codes, and lots of useful information about Animal Jam. Here are some codes that i THINK still work,so dont be mad at me is these codes do not work:) explore2012--1,000 gems explorer--100 gems NGKIDSROX--1,000 gems gecko--lime green gecko plushie

What do you get from winning sky high on animal jam?


Does Animal Jam have glove cheats or not?

Not! Sorry kid, I really think that they would either add them back to stores.

How do you get cheat codes on animal jam?

ONe of them is ajbday it gives you not money but it gives yo0u a birthday cake!

Does animal jam have top hat cheats?

thay do but thare rare that means that thar not in stors and u have to trade rares for them

What are animal jam cheats?

i know some codes on animal jam all but one gives you 1000 gems spooky feast gives you only 500 gems festival coralreef roar explore2012 and gecko= a stuffed gecko