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Purchase the game code or map pack from a store or website that you trust. If you get a code from anywhere else I would think that it would be illegal.

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Q: What are some redeem codes for battlefield 3 limited edition for back to karkand?
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How do you redeem your limited edition pet store on Sims 3 Pets simple answers please?

you cant!

What are the redeem codes for battlefield heros?

I do not know yet

Where do you enter redeem codes on battlefield heroes?

I dont think you can you can but i forget where you put in your redeem code sorry might have to check it out

What are the reedeem codes for battlefield heroes?

There are monthly redeem codes available.

How do you get free items on battlefield heroes?

There is a claw which gives you temporary items and there is a redeem code button:

When you redeem battlefield 3 multiplayer how do you unredeem it?

Once you redeem your mutliplayer code, You may not and you are unable to un-redeem it. The code you entered will not be able to be used ever again. Sorry for the bad news.

Golden lancer on gears of war 2?

You get a code inside the limited edition box which you type in on the marketplace redeem code section, there you have it. (some people are selling codes on Ebay).

Does battlefield heroes have any codes?

Yeah those are redeem codes which are given bu EA themselves sometimes on special occasions and u can redeem them :D

How do you get recon on halo reach?

To my knowledge, the only way to get Recon (at this time) is to have pre-ordered the Legendary or Limited edition versions of the games, and have input the code into a Redeem Code box to acquire the Helmet.

Gun redeem code for battlefield bad company for PS3?

i have not yet seen any around and im still looking

What is the redeem code for Skarlet in MK9 For PS3?

buy the komplete edition of mortal kombat at gamestop

How to get boyfriend for battlefield heroes?

you can get redeem codes in some PC magazines if you find in witch magazine is pls sent it to PLS