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· Derelict sites - easy to build on without interference from neighbours

· With high density housing on the sites, it would be cheaper per house

· Infrastructure is already present

· The environment is generally improved, especially visually

· Can be costly to reclaim if polluted by industrial use - and this information may not be readily available

· Housing would have to be of a high density to reflect the high cost of land

· Existing facilities could become overloaded

· Sites tend to be small patches of land


· Fewer existing environmental hazards

· Around urban areas and so housing would be in higher demand

· Low density housing - high demand

· Larger sites in general

· Housing not available unless planning permission obtained and so there would be a public enquiry and a delay of several years, adding to the costs

· More expensive housing

· High infrastructure costs as new sewage, water, gas and electrical supplies have to be considered - new schools and health facilities as well possibly

· Environment changed from rural to urban use

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there are not many advantages, although brownfield at least you can take your horse there. Problems do not occur at brownfield sites and the site its self is known for sexual activity

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of brownfield and green field sites?
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