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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of multilevel page tables?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Page Maker?

advantages of page maker

Can combination of paging and segmentation result in better performance?

* Combine Paging and Segmentation ** Structure *** Segments correspond to logical units: code, data, stack. Segments vary in size and are often large. *** Each segment contains one or more (fixed-size) pages. ** Two levels of mapping to make tables manageable (2 look-ups!) *** Page table for each segment. * Segments Pages Advantages ** Advantages of Segments *** Supports sparse address spaces. If segment is not used, no need for page table. Decreases memory required for page tables. ** Advantages of Paging*** Eliminate external fragmentation. ** Advantages of Both. Increases flexibility of sharing. Share at two levels: Page or segment (entire page table). * Segments + Pages Disadvantages ** Internal fragmentation increases. Last page of every segment in every process . ** Increases overhead of accessing memory *** 1 or 2 overhead references for every real reference. ** Large page tables *** Two potential solutions: Page the user page tables (multilevel page table), Inverted page table.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a Web authoring application an HTML editor and a text editor for developing websites?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a Web authoring application, an HTML editor and a text editor for developing Web sites. List an example of each tool. Dreamweaver is an example of HTML editor; EditPad Pro is an example of a text editor. Text Editor HTML Editor Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Page creation is increased with knowledge of HTML Limited to knowledge of HTML No knowledge of HTML required Often has invalid code Create valid code Can take longer to format Can see page displayed while creating Usually created with tables, not CSS Tools to insert graphics Unnecessary HTML code, takes longer for display

What is the problem in advantages and disadvantages of css?

The advantage of CSS is the ability to style the page dynamically. It has got no such disadvantage to mention.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the family mold?

"" (ummm...this is the same link to the original page, can you fix it?)

Advantages of segmentation over paging?

Advantages of segmentation over paging: Speed. Reloading segment registers to change address spaces is much faster than switching page tables. Segment descriptor tables consume less memory than page tables. x86 page table entries do not have an 'Executable' bit. With segmentation, you can make a region of memory executable (code) or not (data). Segment size can be byte-granular (size 1 byte to 1Meg in units of 1 byte); pages are always page-granular (size 4K to 4Gig in units of 4K). Segmentation lets you make the segment as large as necessary, with no excess (there is no internal fragmentation).

What are the advantages AND disadvantages of paging and segmentation?

Paging Paging works by dividing memory into small pieces of memory (frames) and then logically divides the program into same-size pieces (pages). Paging Advantages Easy to allocated from free list of frames -Physical memory is allocated from free list of frames -External Fragmentation is not a problem Easy to "page out" chunks of programs -All Chunks are the same size (page size) -Use valid bit to detect references to "paged-out" pages Paging Disadvantages Can Still have internal fragmentation -process may not use memory in exact multiples of pages Memory reference overhead -2 references per address lookup Memory required to hold page tables can be large

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a word procossor to create a web page?

Advantages: You are familiar with the software. It might generate HTML code. It might generate CSS code. Disadvantages: It was built to write your resume. Most code generated is not W3C compliant. It will most definitely generate absolutely positioned elements.

Does a bibliography contain tables and charts?

No, a bibliography does not contain tables and charts. A bibliography is a works cited page.

Where can one find information on hip resurfacing surgery?

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers a web page dedicated to informing people to the advantages and disadvantages of hip resurfacing surgery.

What are two kinds of tables you can place in a web page?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the PHP functions include and require - and any functions that branch off of them?

The "require()" and "include()" variables both bring in a called, parsed page into the calling page the functions are in. The only difference between the two is how they handle errors. Advantages would include better organization. Using these functions, it is very easy to organize a website - by being able to edit one page, and dynamicly edit many other pages at the same time. The functions are quick and easy, assuming the server isn't very busy and can handle well-sized loads. Disadvantages would include how these functions are bandwidth eaters - parsing multiple pages hurts bandwidth (but alternatives could be worse); not to mention the server processing speed. Multiple requests for one page can add up. As for the "require_once()" and "include_once()" variables, advantages would include a page only being called once - for sure. Disadvantages include errors on trying to include that same page again.