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Killstreaks in MW2 are tools, such as Predator Missiles, that can help you eliminate your enemies easily. If you have a Killstreak but you are killed, you will have to start the streak again but you will keep any killstreaks unlocked.

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Q: What are the killstreaks in modern warfare 2 and what do they do?
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What is the best killstreaks cominations in modern warfare 2?

harrier ac130 and nuke

What killstreaks count as kills for other killstreaks in call of duty modern warfare 2?

Chopper Gunner, Predator Missle, Harrier Airstrike.

What is going to be in the new modern warfare 3 game?

More guns. It continues the storyline from modern warfare 2. For multiplayer, there will be more perks and killstreaks and weapons. Also for multiplayer there will be more maps.

How do you get blind eye pro in modern warfare 3?

kill heaps of enemy killstreaks

How do you get cod emblem for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

You mean the Infinity Ward emblem? Complete the "Wargasm" challenge by getting all of your killstreaks within 20 seconds. Quite easy with Hardline and the lowest killstreaks.

What killstreaks does modern warfare 1 have?

UAV, Airstrike, Helicopter (not drivable, it just flys around the map)

How do you get the title 6 fears 7 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Having killstreaks 7, 8, 9 and earning them all in one match.

What is the EMP in modern warfare 2?

The EMP, electromagnetic pulse, knocks out all electronics on the enemies team. Radar, laser crosshairs, and enemy killstreaks. however use when your killstreaks are gone for the EMP will take them out too. Great killstreak gotta admit.

Do you get to keep your weapon skins in Prestige mode in Modern Warfare 2?

No, the only thing you keep are your titles and emblems. You lose your guns, skins, perks, attachments and killstreaks.

What is the best killstreak reward in call of duty modern warfare?

The best killstreak is the Tactical Nuke but use killstreaks that you can get frequently.

What are the killstreaks going to be on modern warfare 3?

so far it is unown, but i heard there wil be a helecopter version of the RC car

How do you pavelow in modern warfare 2?

It's on online multiplayer and you must be level 10 to unlock this. It's under killstreaks when you have the callsign and killstreaks. You have to get 9 kills without dying or 8 if you have hard line. Then you will get a pave low which you activate by pressing the button that has pave low on it.