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The songs are chosen by you.Make a folder named " mp3 " without quotes in the game folder and then add songs you want to play in mp3 Player During game.

Those songs should have the extensions .mp3.

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Q: What are the songs played in gta vice city mp3 player?
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How do you get two player on vice city stories? urgent!

Can gta vice city be played in computer?

Yes,vice city can be played on the computers.You can have vice city downloaded from the internet.You can also buy a copy of game from the game stores near you.

Were is the two player mode in Grand Theft Auto vice city?

There is no 2 player in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

What songs are in grand theft auto vice city?

A lot of rap music.

How do you put musics on gta vice city?

You can make a new folder named mp3 in the parent folder of game.Then you can paste your songs files of mp3 extension in that.The mp3 player of the car in the game will then initialize and it can be played using the radio keys only.

How do you get 2 player mode on vice city?

There is no 2 player mode in the game.You cannot play multi player the vice city game.You can play only in the latest gta 5.

Can vice-city have two player PC?

Sadly No, it only one player...

Which is the most played PC game?

vice city

How do you become vegeta in vice city?

the only way to become vegeta in vice city is to mod your game with a player skin mod.

Is there 2 player on Grand Theft Auto vice city?

No :(

Where is second player on Grand Theft Auto Vice City?


Can you have 2 player for grand theft auto vice city?

No :(