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just play around in the city.

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Q: What can you do after you finish assasin's creed 2?
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Who made assasins creed 2?

Assassins Creed 2 was made by Ubisoft.

How do you complete assasins creed 2?

Play it !

Should you get Assassins Creed 2 or batman arkham asylum?

Assasins creed 2

Is assasins creed 2 good?

Hard - but good

Will there be an assasins creed movie?

a short movie search for assassins creed 2 lineage

Is their another Assasins creed After Assasins Revelations?

there is but you wont get to play as ezio or altiar and you will be playing in america its called assasins creed 3

Which game is assasins creed revelations?

assasins creed revelations is actually the fifth game if follow the story of the game.

Where is leanardo in assasins creed 2?

In the beginning part of Assassin's Creed 2 he's in Florence, but later on when you move to Venice he goes with you.

Have you got assasins creed?


Is there going to be an assasins creed 3?

yes there will be

Is bunnies creed an actual game?

No.....................they are just makin' fun of assasins creed!

Will there be another assassin's creed game after brotherhood?

assasins creed 3 will be after brotherhood