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unlimited everything is one of them, but if you want to know more look it up on the net.

thanks for asking!!

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The only cheat is ''Mirror''

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Q: What cheats are there on Super Mario Brothers wii?
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How do you get through 2-1 in new Super Mario Brothers Wii?

You have to know what you are doing, there is this website that tells you how. type cheats for super Mario bros wii for world 2-1.

What are cheats for the new Super Mario Brothers Wii?

Well, there are no cheats. Except you can cheat by getting a canon, which zooms you off to a new world!

How do you complete super Mario brothers Wii?

really there is no cheats but if you need help I would recommend a 2nd player

Is Super Mario for the Wii or for the Wii U?

There is a Super Mario Brothers for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U

Cheats for new Super Mario Brothers for the Wii?

YOU could get Cheats from Gamestop or even if you have internet for the wii download the drive that says 94156797 put it in words mean cheat idaefgig download this and your allright!!!!!!

Is there a big Mario on Super Mario Brothers Wii?


Is dry bowser in new Super Mario Brothers wii?

Dry Bowser is not in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Is there a world ten on Super Mario Brothers wii?

no there is not

Is new Super Mario Brothers wii online?


How do you swim in Super Mario brothers?

for the super Mario bros wii press the A button to swim

Are there cheats for Super Mario bro Wii?

There maybe some cheats or not... Don't know either...

When is does new Super Mario Brothers Wii release?

its out now