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Q: What day in lunar sim date can you go in the factory?
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How do you find the shovel in lunar day Sim date?

you keep buying flowers atil the you get the shovel

What are the cheat codes for Lunar Days Sim Date?


What are some more Days Sim Date I've already played Kingdom Days Sim Date Idol Days Sim Date Festival Days Sim Date and Wonderland Days Sim Date?

lunar days sim date chrono days sim date anime days sim date 1.0/2.0/2.5

What does Elias like in lunar days sim date?

the harmonica hope i helped :)

What does Elais like as a present in Lunar Days Sim date?

he likes anything that you give him

What does veon like in lunar days sim date?

Veon is attracted to puzzle cubes and harmonicas.

What does Raine like as a present in Lunar Days sim date?

Ana: she likes the book and the rose.

What does Terrance like in lunar days sim date?

i played, he likes the horse toy. try and see.

What present do you give Aiden from lunar days sim date?

a miniture horse and glow in the dark stars

What do you give as a present for Clyde in lunar days sim date?

Ana: Clyde likes the roses & cards.

What gifts does Fidel like in lunar days sim date?

The blue/purple book and the box like thing

How do you get goth girl on v day sim date to date you?

You can't