What does bvb mean on fantage?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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just dont go to bvb tryouts ;O ppl will start wanting to marry u. i found out the hard way xP

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Q: What does bvb mean on fantage?
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What does fantage chat mean?

to talk on Fantage

What does vuv mean on fantage?

VUV means boyfriend and/or girlfriend on Fantage.

What does psd mean on Fantage?

i think you mean pd. Pd means prom date on fantage. but most ppl use "beb" on fantage. hope that helped :)

Can you post a link to a fantage ecoin maker on this question?

u mean fantage ecoin generator?fantage beta mediafire

What does pd mean on Fantage?

On fantage pd means PROM DATE. (btw: i need a prom date im on fantage jesse5008)

What do hsd mean on fantage?

it means.. high school drama... its a theme for Fantage Movies

What does vev mean on fantage?

a vev on fantage is beb like date and mate but i young ok

What does one mean on fantage?

On Fantage you are not allowed to type the word "boyfriend". When you play on Fantage ask people "Do you want to be my one?" instead of "Do you want to be my boyfriend?".

What is Andley from BVB?

"Andley" is an illogical bromance between Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy of BVB.

Who is the lead of bvb?

the lead singer of bvb is Andrew Biersack. Others call him Andy Biersack.

What does lol mean in fantage?

Lol mean " Laugh Out Loud"

What does the name Fantage mean?

Fantastic Age.