What does iso in PSP?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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iso and cso can either play in psp.

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Q: What does iso in PSP?
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What is a PSP iso?

ISO is the format in which the games of the PSP is saved as.Most of the PSP games are in ISO or CSO.So if you search for PSP ISO in a search engines, those that came up are probably PSP games for downloads.

PSP Game Formats For PSP?

*.cso and *.iso are the formats of the psp games

What format are PSP roms in?

PSP roms are in ISO format. They are in the ISO 9660 standard. However, it can be compressed to CSO, DAX, or JSO, proprietary formats developed for the PSP

Will ps2 iso work on psp?


How do you get iso on PSP?

iso is a file name so do u mean the iso folder or a iso game matter the iso folder can u get with custom firemware iso games can be downloaded from examlpe pirate buy but u need custom firemware or flashed psp

Were can i get free Psp iso's?

Well Thanks to the us they blocked all psp iso websites the only way is to search it in piratebay

How do you put iso games on my psp?

download them on the computer then sync them on to your psp

What folders should a PSP with Cfw have?

on the root of the memory stick, there should be your regular PSP folders, as well as "seplugins" and also "ISO". Inside the ISO folder, you can put PSP ISO games, aswell as games with the CSO extention

Where to find the iso folder in your computer when you pulg your psp in to the computer?

you mean on your psp? or on your computer. on the psp its in the root it should be like e:/iso if not. 1:) is your psp modded 2:) did you try making a folder called iso 3:) format your memory stick

How do you play iso games on psp?

you cant

What folder do you put PSP mini games into for the PSP?

You put games in the ISO folder.

How do you play psp iso?

You make a folder called ISO in the drive on the memory card. e.g. E:/ISO Then you simply play the ISO off it