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It stands for non playable character.

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Q: What does the video game acronym npc stand for?
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What does NPC stand for?

New Philanthropy Capital

What does npc stand for on Fantage?

Non Playing Character

What does MACO stand for in Enterprise They were the marines who were on board?

Military Assault Command Operations (Source: Star Trek Online, in game NPC interaction)

What does NPC stand for engraved in a ring?

never pick camron

What do you have to do to be able to be a video game designer?

You need to go to college to get a game design degree if you want to work professionally. You should also know that programmers and graphic designers do not create games, they build games that the game designer created. The game designer writes the game design document, this details every facet of the game, script, charachters, NPC's items, where every single item Non-Player Character (NPC) is located, every tree, every lake, stream, river, waterfall, etc.

What does the DoD considers a PED?

I take it you mean Day Of Deafeat? (great game!) a ped is a pedestrian, just like in the real world. To put it more basically, a person, such as characters on the game are peds, AKA NPC (non player controlled) example: GTA 4, Roman is an NPC, Dardan is an NPC, and so on!

Where is the game admin npc on Maplestory?

She's a woman NPC and she is located in every town except kerning city, In the first map or in a certain place, Usually next to Cassandra.

Does any NPC buy abyssal whips on runescape?

the only npc's that buy whips are "general store's" and they dont give that much money. I suggest that you sell them to other people in the game because they sell for way more than you would ever get from an npc.

What is NPC killer?

NPC stands for what

On the game Evony what happens when you abandon your city?

It turns to NPC of the same level of the flat you built it on.

What is a NPC on Minecraft?

N.P.C stands for Non Player Character. It is basically any person that is controlled by the game and not by a human being.

Are there any npc Trainers in Pokemon heartgold that have a Mawile?

I have beat the game and have not found any trainers with a mawile.