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If you mean the First one she starts off with a Beretta.

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Q: What gun does Jill use in Resident Evil?
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Can you use the shot gun that Ada has in leon's story in resident evil 4?

No, you can't.

What games can you use the Wii gun with?

i hope you like scary games because resident evil 4 is awsome on the wii yes you can use wii gun

Can both players use gatling gun in resident evil 5?

No two players cant both use the gatling gun only Chris Redfield can.

Which Resident Evil games can you use a wii zaper with?

The resident evil games for wii.

Does chris ever use the big machine gun guys machine gun ever in the game resident evil 5?

Nope you gotta find one in the gun box in levels

Which weapon is the best to use in resident evil 5?

S&W M500 is the strongest Magnum/Weapon in Resident Evil 5 with a maximum firepower of 5000.This gun is available for purchase after fully upgrading the S&W M29 (MAG).Purchase Price: $30,000

How do you use laser in Resident Evil 4 wii?

The way to use the laser pointer in resident evil 4 is by using the classic controller than the nunchuck if this isn't what you mean you have to beat it on professional difficulty

Is there cheats in Resident Evil 4?

There are no cheats in Resident Evil 4, unless you use a GameShark or other cheat application. Sorry dude.

What language do the zombies use in Resident Evil 4?

There are no zombies in Resident evil 4 , they are controlled by las plagas parasites. And they speak Spanish.

Can you use a headset on Resident Evil 5?

onlive yes

If you get the chainsaw controller for resident evil 4 do actually get to use a chainsaw?


Where to use navy proof in Resident Evil code veronica?

You use it in the underwater airport.