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Nothing really. You just obtain alot of emblems and titles. Also if you complete the "Prestige Challenges" you will obtain an animated Modern Warfare 2 tenth prestige symbol for an emblem.

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Q: What happens in cod MW2 when all challenges are completed?
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What happens after prestige 10 in mw2?

Nothing... that is the maximum level you can go... However, there are challenges that may not have been completed, as well as unlocking all the tags...

What happens if you remain on total drama island and you have completed all the challenges?

i guess you win.

How do you get the gold skeletons in MW2?

By finishing all prestige challenges (you find them under your normal challenges when you prestige).

Fastest way to reach 10th prestige in mw2?

you should do all the easy challenges you could do

How do you get all titles in mw2?

do some challenges they will unlock it for you ------------------------- Completing every challenge will unlock every title.

Will anyone give me a free all challenges lobbie MW2?

MSG sunny haiben on xbox 360 he hosts free lobbies

Can all challenges in MW2 lvl you to 70?

Yes, in order to reach a 70 to prestige you need 2,516,000 points. If you were to complete all of the primary gun challenges you would receive 2,572,750 points, and that is only one category of challenges. It is possible to just try to accomplish challenges to level up.

What do you do on Skate 2 if you completed all your career challenges?

nothing much, I have completed it too and now i play split screen with my friends

What happens when you unlock all the challenges in Super smash Bros Wii?

nothing, just try and beat all the challenges.

What happens when you beat all challenges brawl?

Good job you will get a notice!

Are there any good PG games like MW2 Wii?

Since "PG" is not a game genre, the answer is no. And MW2 is on the Wii... but MW2 sucks in general for all consoles it was released on. MW2 was the downfall of COD. That is all.

Do you get more unlocks in mw2 when you prestiege?

You get the ability to unlock more titles, emblems and challenges even for guns The bad thing is you'll lose all your camos, guns and xp