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Q: What if you can't fly straight on a wind bag poptropica?
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How do I get Vince to open the bag in poptropica?

you cant say to him that he need to open the bag but you can call him by using the cell phone on nabooti island

What do you do withe the bag of manuer in astroknight on poptropica?

You use it to power the spaceship that is underneath the roof of the wind thingy.

How do you get on top of mount Olympus in mythology island on poptropica?

At the base, you buy a wind bag and fly up... :)

How do you obtain a bomb bag in The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

When you dont have a bomb bag you cant carry bombs. to get a bomb bag go to the temple of wind and there is a treasure chest somewhere in there.

Where do you put the drachma on poptropica?

When Hercules opens the gate he gets turned into a statue. There is a man with frizzy hair and you pay him a drachma get a bag of wind.

Why do you need 1 drachama on poptropica?

you need it to buy a wind bag as an easier method to reach the top of mount Olympus so as to defeat ZEUS

What do you do if you ran out of air in your wind bag before you reached the top in poptropica?

Use the boulders to jump to the top. You will know you are at the top when you see pink clouds.

What do you do if rowleys not in the slide in poptropica?

how to get the bag in wimpy board walk in poptropica

What is a bag of wind?

A bag of wind is another name for a windbag, a person who is considered to be a chatterbox.

What is a bag that cant put things?

IT is a bag that is too full that you cant put anything

Where do you get the haunted house card on Poptropica?

From the Poptropica store. It will appear in your Store Items in the item bag.

How do you install the hovercraft poptropica?

use the bag of manure