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Well every moshi's taste is different (even if the two monsters are the same). Try everything to see which your monsters like best.

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Q: What is a furi's favourite food on moshi monsters?
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What is furys favourite food on moshi monsters?

a furis favriote food is brocli or slop

What is zoomers favourite food on moshi monsters?

scummi bears

What food makes you level up on moshi monsters?

there is actually no exact food, it sometimes may be your monsters favourite food

How do you change your favourite food on moshi monsters?

click on edit or settings

What is a katsuma's favorite food in Moshi Monsters?

katsuma crunch is a katsumaz favourite food

What is zommers favourite food moshi monsters?

sludge fudge scummi bears roarberry cheesecake

What is purdy's favourite food in moshi monsters?

Moshlings do not need to be fed. Only your Monster will take food and drink you buy for it.

How do you get food dye in Moshi Monsters?

You cannot buy food dye on moshi monsters

How do you get a code for food on Moshi Monsters?

There are different ways to get codes for food on Moshi Monsters. Codes for food are usually given in the Daily Growl. You might get a food code when you purchase a Moshi Monsters items such as Moshi Monsters Mash Up Trading Cards.

Is there a way to make food for the Gross-ery Store on Moshi Monsters?

No. All you can do on Moshi Monsters is buy food from the Gross-ery Store and feed it to your Moshi Monsters.

How do you get unlimited food on Moshi Monsters?

You get unlimited food on Moshi Monsters by earning Rox and buying food at the Gross0ery Store.

How do you call doc on Moshi Monsters?

You cant get a doctor on Moshi Monsters but you can buy loads of food to make you not ill can buy food at the food shop.Add me on moshi monsters my user name is thomk061