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Ether you make one (insert a script open it and get writing) or you find one in free models (not recommended by me for one reason, Lua viruses, like the ones made by nomnomnom, virus maker nomnomnom has been baned but got another account) or in a message or anywhere else in text form (like on a webpage).

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Q: What is a ko script on roblox that really works?
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How do you make a KO in Roblox count for example when someone shoots a zombie and it will say 1 KO?

Roblox KOS are counted by a certain line of script that gives you a KO. Every time that line of code runs you get a KO. This is why it is possible to exploit the system to give yourself KOS.

What is a KO script on Roblox?

game.Workspace.NAME.Head:remove() game.Workspace.NAME.Torso:remove() game.Workspace.NAME.Humanoid.Heath = 0 game.Workspace.NAME:remove() simple loopkill script (breakable in some places) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- while true do wait(10) game.Workspace.VICTIM NAME.Torso:Remove() end while true do end EDIT: This script only kills the person, if anything, and a REAL ko script that actually gives YOU the ko script no longer exists since the issue was patched.

Where are the clues in who killed you on roblox?

Well, When you die there is usually a Knockout and a Wipe out Script When someone kills you you respwan and yadda yadda yadda when you die the script says that you died and who killed you his KO script gets higher

How do you add a ko and wo script on your roblox place?

This is known as a leaderboard. You can find it in the basic toolbox. If you're looking to script them, you would use IntValues within the Player, with the first descendant named "leaderstats".

What is the whole script of mir-i-nisa?

i really don't know XD :P

Who has the most ko on roblox?

Its unknown who has the most KO's on ROBLOX, it would be somebody who joined in about late 2005 or early 2006 and played on fighting games all the time.

How do you know how many ko's you have in Roblox?

Click on My Roblox, then click on profile, scroll down until you see stats.

How do you change kos on roblox?

If you kill another user in-game, you will earn a KO.

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