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Q: What is one code for omiuniverse in ben 10 on wwwcartoonnetworkasiacom?
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What is the DNA code for Ben?

I don't think there is one...

What is Ben Tenison's DNA code?

there inst one for ben 10 or way big or rip jaws

What is the code for tiddo in ben 10 DNA lab?

In Ben 10 DNA Lab, Tiddo's code is "4-1-2." You can enter this code to unlock Tiddo as one of the alien shapes in the game.

What is the DNA code lab of swampfire in ben alien force 10?

there is not one

What is Ben 10 alien code for grandpa max?

thear is not one out yet

What is the code DNA for Benvicktor on wwwbandicom?

The secret DNA code for Benvicktor is PKMN. He was one of the first action figures to be released in the Ben 10 series.

Cheat code for ben kenobi ghost?

I can not find one. To unlock him I think you have to beat all the levels.

What is the code for getting diamond on ben 10 protector of earth om psp?

In Ben 10 Protector of the earth, there are only 5 playable alien forms. And Diamondhead is not one of them.

Arctiguana DNA code?

Articguana is one of the various transformations that the fictional character, Ben 10, has access to through his Omnitrix. The DNA code for Articguana is FALI.

What is the secret code to the ben 10 rip jaws figure?

there isn't one no one knows why it is a mystery for now like the devils nose

Can you have a used Webkinz code?

No you can not have a used code because if you do they say that the code hasalready been used. You have to give them your email and they will try to tell you how it was used.

How do you play as goop in the psp version of ben 10 alien force?

· Cheat mode At the "Bonus Content" menu, select the "Enter Code" option. Enter one of the following codes at the "Secret Cheat" screen to unlock the corresponding cheat option. Then, enable the unlocked cheat at the "Secrets" menu.Invincibility Enter Kevin, Big Chill, Swampfire, Kevin as a code. Infinite Aliens Enter Ben, Swampfire, Gwen, Big Chill as a code. All combos Enter Swampfire, Gwen, Kevin, Ben as a code to unlock all combos. Level Lord Enter Gwen, Kevin, Big Chill, Gwen as a code. GoopEnter Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Big Chill as a code. Alternately, enter Ben, Swampfire, Kevin, Big Chill as a code.