What is plantsim in Sims?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Plantsim is when you get your sims to do a lot of gardening. The they will turn into a plant themselves and instead of normal needs they will need the sun and water. To stop plantsim you can get medicine by from the gardening contest sim who asks to see your garden.

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Q: What is plantsim in Sims?
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Can you have a plantsim on The Sims 3?


How do you have a plant baby on the Sims 2?

You only need one PlantSim to have a plant baby. Just click on the PlantSim and choose Sprout.

Can you be a plantsim on sims 2?

You can only if you have the seasons expansion pack installed.

How do you get a child on sims 2?

you try for baby adoption if your a plant they come out as toddlers plantsim you try for baby adoption if your a plant they come out as toddlers plantsim

How do you get a PlantSim in The Sims 3?

You cannot have PlantSims in The Sims 3, unless you have University Life installed as well in your computer.

What are the transfromations in sims 2?

Vampire, Werewolf, Plantsim, Bad Witch, Good Witch, Neutral Witch

Plantsimism in The Sims 2?

to turn them into one get trees and when it gives your sims an option to spray the trees for bugs do that many times. then your sim should turn into a plantsim.

Can your sim become a mermaid on The Sims 2 bon voyage?

No. The 'extra' species, are Alien, Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf and Plantsim. AND WITCHES!

How do you keep a plantsim alive at night?

To keep a plantsim alive their three needs must be met. Their social need which can be satisfied by them talking to plants or like normal Sims. They need water, which they can get by drinking, swimming or showering and they need sunlight. Keeping them under a greenhouse light works the best at night.

How on The Sims 2 seasons how can you turn your toddler plantsim into a sim?

I don't think you can. I think you need to wait until they are big enough to drink the Plantophic-C you can buy from the Garden Club or the Gypsy Matchmaker.

How do you make a Plant person on Sims 2?

To make a plant sim you have to have the Sims 2 Seasons.. Then have the person you want to make a plant sim spray A LOT of trees until a cloud forms around them and they are a plant sim.( the cloud is like when someone attacks them)

How do you maintain a healthy garden in sims 2 seasons?

If you get your sim to spray heaps of bug-infested trees and plants then they will eventually turn into a plantsim. Then you can choose the option "talk to", when you click on a plant or a tree, and they get really healthy.