What is prone button in black ops?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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You have to hold down or circle for playstation

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Q: What is prone button in black ops?
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Which button is the prone button on the ps3 for black ops?

you have to hold the circle button while in a whide space :J

How do you dolphin dive on black ops?

sprint and while you are sprinting hold the prone button

What is the action button for Call of Duty Black Ops?

It is the x button

How do you do the dolphin dive on cod black ops xbox?

in order to "dolphin dive" or as i like to call it john woo fighting style you must start sprinting and then hold the crouch / prone button

How do you save stuff in black ops?

The save button.

What is the action button on black ops on ps3?

Square :)

How do you open the door in black ops?

with the button that say open

What to pres to crouch on black ops for DS?

Press the A button

How do you crawl in call of duty black ops 2?

Well for the Wii version (only kind i have) you hold the button that puts you in crouch and you should go into prone... but that's for Wii and im not sure about the Xbox and PS3 Versions but i imagine they are the same... hope this helps :) Well, in 360 you would press on hold the B button. In ps3 its the 0 button. If that helps any how

How do you get down in Call of Duty black ops?

if you mean crouch xbox=b(hold for prone) ps3=circle(hold for prone) pc=c(to go prone press ctrl)

Where is the action button in call of duty black ops?

There is no basic action button. All you do is press the button it tells you to press

What button do you press to crouch in black ops for ps3?

circle is the button to crouch, hold it to lie down.