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Q: What is the activation Key for James Cameron avatar the game?
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Can you be the RDA on James Cameron's Avatar the game?


Where can i downloal James Cameron's Avatar the game crack?


Is there any cheats in the game James Cameron avatar?


What is serial number of James Cameron's game AVATAR?


Do you get to create your own character in James Cameron's Avatar the game for xbox?

Yes you can create your own Avatar character in the game.

Do you have to use the Wii Motion Plus for James Cameron's Avatar game?


What platforms is the Avatar video game available on?

The 2009 game based off of the movie 'James Cameron's Avatar: The Game' is available on the Play Station 3, XBOX 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PSP platforms.

Does the James Cameron's Avatar the Game have two player on Wii?

Yes there is. Both players on n the same screen ( not split-screen)

Why can't I change from avatar to human in James Cameron's Avatar for Wii?

Sadly, you cannot play as RDA in the Wii version of the game. In the Xbox 360 version, you can play as both sides.

How do I make James Cameron's 'Avatar The Game' stop being glitchy?

Try putting the graphics lower and the Anit-Aliasing in Settings. I do not have the game but that usually works in every game.

Why is Avatar the Last Air Bender game rated teen?

Actually, the games are rated E10 for everyone 10 and up. The James Cameron film game is rated Teem

How do you find the bow in James Cameron's Avatar game?

When you first start the game you are an RDA Personnel Sig Spec. you are unable to equip the bow when RDA.When avatar for the RDA you are unable to equip the bow.When Avatar for the Na'vi you are able to equip the bow by pressing the directional buttons on your control pad.