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890-453-9655 is the cheat of nitro in GTA iv PS3.

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No there is not.

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Q: What is the cheat of nitro in GTA iv PS3?
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What is horse cheat in ps3 gta iv?

its a mod, no cheat

How do you get a police charger in gta iv for ps3?

you have to put in a cheat

Grand teft auto iv cheat codes on ps3?

Here is a PS3 cheat for GTA IV. On Niko's cell phone dial 3625550100 for full health and armor.

Why do achievements not work in gta iv ps3?

sometimes if you cheat some become disabled

Is there a cheat for unlimited life in gta iv tbogt ps3?

doin ya mom

What is the cheat code for a flying saucer on grand theft auto for ps3?

There is no flying saucer cheat for GTA IV.

Is there a cheat to have homies go everywhere you go on gta IV ps3?

ya noy loser

Cheat for GTA IV Bugatti PS3?

There is nu Bugatti in GTA IV, only if you play it on the PC you can download a mod wich cganges an ingame car to a Bugatti

Anyone have gta iv for PS3?

I have it for ps3 and xbox360

How do you do special attacks on GTAiv?

get the cheat ... write gta iv cheats ps3 or any and go on the 3rd or 2nd one.

What is gta iv parachute code on ps3?

There isn't a cheat code for a parachute in GTA IV. Parachutes can only be used in the TBOGT (The Ballad of Gay Tony) DLC expansion.

What is the monster truck cheat for gta4 ps3?

There isn't one. You can get a monster truck in GTA IV in the PC version by using a mod, but there is no way in the PS3 version. Sorry.