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It is all lies. there is no such thing as a leapord cub on nintendogs!

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Q: What is the cheat to get a leopard cub on Nintendogs?
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Can you get a leopard cub on Nintendogs?

There is no such thing as getting a leopard on nintendogs. Sorry! :(

How do you get a leopard on Nintendogs?

Sorry to disapoint you but you can not get a leopard on nintendogs. Sorry :(

Hyena cub for Nintendogs is there one?


What is the baby if a leopard?

A leopard cub.

What do you call an infant leopard?

A leopard cub

What is the name of a baby leopard?

It is called a cub.

How do you call the baby leopard?

A cub

How do you get your dogs smaller on Nintendogs?

there is no cheat or code to make your nintendogs small

What is another name for a baby leopard?


Is there a cheat on Nintendogs to get unlimited dogs?


When does a leopard cub lose its blindness?

2 months

What is the gender of the leopard?

Leopards can be either male or female. A male leopard is referred to as a leopard, a female is a leopardess and a baby is called a cub.