What is the code Millsberry?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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Millsberry is a website where you create a person and feed them, get them a house, and stuff like that.


Millsberry is a kids website where you design a person (give them clothes, name them, fix their hair, etc.). You also play games to earn "money" with which you can buy a house, furniture, clothes, pets, and many other items. I think you'd enjoy it!

It's a fun game where you manage your money design your house

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The code really is: 95-2365-74.

Locate your person and type in 0C0K51E. You can only use this code once. To get more codes look in the cookie crisp box.

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Q: What is the code Millsberry?
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What is the code for the bank cheat on millsberry?

there is no real bank code the one that was here was a virus

Where to enter a millsberry code?

It is not there any more, i was wondering too.sry

What is the code in millsberry in grow good farms?

i only know these: yellow tall juicy and i know more but you will have to find them all over the millsberry world (and my username in millsberry is marymaria1011 and my name is Selena so add me as a buddy and check out my radical house!!)

How do you get sylavnie on millsberry?

whats millsberry?

Where do you type the code for the millsberry bank cheat?

in the address bar on the top of the mozilla firefox screen( ie)

How do you get arrested on millsberry?

There is no way for you to get arrested in millsberry.

What the cheat code to beat solver?

There isn't really a cheat code. But I know someone on Millsberry by the name of rinasuperior. If you buy a vampire mask on Millsberry, send it to that person and she will give you 3,000 of them! And to get one, I typed in vampire and went to vampire mask and put it to lowest to highest for amount. I found one for only one millsbuck! Good luck! Sincerley, alexis10197 on millsberry *check out my house! it's not the best though :-)*

How do you get a baby on millsberry?

I had a baby on millsberry in my 10th year.

Millsberry cheat codes?

There are no cheat codes for millsberry!

What happened to Justin your millsberry character?

millsberry is shuting down

How old is millsberry?

Millsberry first started back in 2004.

How do you get prizes on millsberry?

You can get prizes on millsberry by waiting in for an activity in the gazette.