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You have to buy the book and look for the code.

It is in the back of the book.

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You can only get a Blingo code when you purchase the "Buster's Lost Moshlings" book. The code can only be used one time, so you need to buy your own copy of the book.

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Q: What is the code in Buster's Lost Moshlings book to catch Blingo?
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Can you get Blingo without Busters Lost Moshling book?

No, you can not get Blingo without purchasing the "Buster's Lost Moshlings" book.

What is the real code for blingo?

buy busters lost moshlings book

Do you have to be a member to get blingo on moshi monsters?

no you dont you need busters lost moshlings

What is the code for blingo on the last page of busters lost moshlings?

the code is UNIQUE in capitals

What is the code on the back of busters lost moshlings for blingo?

can you just look at the back of the in the shop

How do you get ''secret 3'' in Moshi Monsters?

Secret 3 is Blingo and to get him you need to buy the book called Busters Lost Moshlings.

How do you get blingo on moshi games?

you cant you have to get the magazine busters lost moshlings then you'll find his code somewhere in the magazine. hope i helped!

What is the secret code for blingo from busters lost moshling book?

The secret code for Blingo is different for each person and will only work one time.Every code is different so if you want to know the code you would have to go and buy the book- busters lost moshlings.

What is the secret ultra rare moshling in busters lost mosh ling book?

The moshling you unlock with Buster's Lost Moshlings is Blingo. Moshi User: roxxi23s

How do you get the moshling bligo?

To get the Moshling Blingo, you have to buy a book called Busters Lost Moshlings. In that book will have a secret code, use that secret code when you log in.

Is moshlings blingo and bonkers real?

yes but you need to get blingo by buying the book busters lost moshlings and there is a code which gives you hip hop hibiscus and you need to plant it with two other seeds and bonkers is not a moshling but just a show or a non playable chararter.

How do ou get blingo on moshi monsters?

The Blingo code is in Busters lost moshling book.