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my essence of being existence is that,being a woman that can give happiness to the man,

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Q: What is the essence of your existence?
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What does ontologically mean?

there are three definitions: # Of or relating to ontology. # Of or relating to essence or the nature of being. # Of or relating to the argument for the existence of God holding that the existence of the concept of God entails the existence of God.

How does existence precede essence for a Christian existentialist?

==new answer==Both came together with the division of light into each individual I Am, which is your esistance and your essence. the I Am is also know as the Lord God, the innermost part of each of us.

What is the translation of the irrationality of a thing is not an argument against its existence rather the condition of it by Nietzsche?

This quote by Nietzsche suggests that the presence of irrationality in something should not negate its existence, but rather it is a defining characteristic of it. He posits that irrationality does not invalidate the existence of a thing, but rather contributes to its nature and essence.

What is Existences precedes knowledge?

Can honestly say that I have never hear of Existence precedes knowledge, I'm just wondering if you mean 'Existence precedes essence', a concept first thought of by Jean-Paul Sarte, and is a key concept of Existentialism.

What are the four components of existentialism?

The four components of existentialism are individual freedom, responsibility, existence precedes essence, and the search for meaning in a seemingly indifferent universe.

What are some comparison and similarties of the Buddhism and hindusim religions?

The major difference is the notion of an existence of a self: atman (self in Hinduism) vs anatman (no-self in Buddhism). Anatmam is the teaching of no fixed independent existence of a self. The notion of an independent self is explained with investigation of the "skandas", which when examined do not determine the existence of a "self" . This applies also to the existence of an essence or a soul.

What does divine substance mean?

Divine substance refers to the essence or core nature of a deity or divine being. It represents the underlying spiritual essence that defines their existence and powers. In theological terms, divine substance is often believed to be eternal, unchanging, and beyond human comprehension.

What is the first principle of existentialism?

The first principle of existentialism is that existence precedes essence, meaning that individuals are responsible for defining their own essence or identity through their choices and actions. This philosophy emphasizes freedom, responsibility, and the importance of individual experience and perspective in shaping one's life.

Why does stuff exist?

Existence is a fundamental aspect of reality rooted in various philosophical and scientific perspectives. From a scientific standpoint, the existence of matter, energy, and the universe can be attributed to the Big Bang theory, which posits that the universe began as an infinitesimally small point and expanded rapidly into the vast cosmos we see today. Philosophically, questions about the nature of existence delve into metaphysical inquiries about the essence of being and the purpose of existence, inviting contemplation on topics such as consciousness, reality, and existence itself.

When was Essence to Essence created?

Essence to Essence was created in 1973-12.

What is an existential question?

An existential question is a philosophical inquiry that pertains to the meaning, essence, and purpose of human existence. These questions often revolve around themes such as individual identity, freedom, mortality, and the nature of reality. They aim to explore fundamental aspects of human experience and existence.

What is the importance of angles to shapes and or angles?

Some shapes have angles and so they are important in defining the shapes. And angles are absolutely critical for angles. They are the very essence of their existence: if it were not for angles then there would be no angles.