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Q: What is the word for spartan in Spanish?
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How is the word spartan written in greek writing?

The word spartan in greek is : σπαρτιάτης. I hope I helped.

What is the greek origin for spartan?

The greek word for Spartan is "Σπαρτιάτης" (sparteeatees)

Can you use the word spartan in a sentence?

The fierce spartan defended his city like he was getting paid to fight.

What is the Greek word for Spartan?

Σπαρτιάτης [spartiAtes]

What is a word for plain and simple that starts with a sp?


What is the Greek word that means plain and simple?


Does the word spartan come from a greek myth?

Spartan comes from the Greek ancient city of Sparta. It means ''fertilised land''.

What those the word mjollnir mean?

I assume you are speaking in terms of the Halo universe? MJOLNIR - The powered assault armour that is worn most notably by John Spartan -117 otherwise known as 'Master Chief' Other variants are worn by the SPARTAN-I, SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III supersoldiers. If you did not mean Halo, then the word Mjollnir is the name of the Norse god Thor's hammer

What is a good sentence with the word currency in it?

Spartan currency was made of lead.

What is an ancient greek word meaning plain and simple?


How should the word spartan be put in a sentence?

you can't put that word in a sentence troll face :D

What are Spartan slaves called?

You are looking for the word Helot, however helots were not slaves, they were serfs, that is they were bound to their land, and produced half their produce to the Spartan government.