What island was the TV show Fantasy Island filmed at?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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If you search Fantasy Island on this site there is a lot of information. The following is a quote from there. "Although some of the series' exteriors were lensed at the Arborteum, a tropical park located some 25 miles from Los Angeles, for the most part availed itself of the best that the various Hollywood backlots had to offer. " This was a surprise to me as I was researching our next holiday and after watching an old episode thought I should check out the island!

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Q: What island was the TV show Fantasy Island filmed at?
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Is there a real lost island?

The show is filmed in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.

On the show Fantasy Island how did guests arrive at the island?

On a small seaplane

Where is the Lost television show filmed?

It is filmed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Where is television show Royal Pains filmed?

Royal Pains was filmed in the Hampton's area of the Long Island. But most of the show was filmed in Oyster Bay, Long Island-about 50 miles west of The Hamptons.

Is scorpion island real?

The Show 'Escape from Scorpion Island' is filmed on an Island in Western Australia called Scorpion Island. If you don't believe me, look it up!

What current ABC hit show is filmed on the Island of Oahu?


What is the name for the island in the TV show LOST?

If you are talking about where it is filmed in reality it is filmed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and the beach used is Mokul�'ia Beach. Please try answering my question if you can - its a struggle.

What is real name of the island which is called MAKO in the H2O Just add water show?

The television show is filmed at Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast. It is not actually even an island.

What TV show started with a character saying DA plane DA plane?

"Fantasy Island".

What was the Fantasy show from the 80's on prime-time television?

"Fantasy Island" (1977-1984). Stars Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize.

Has anyone ever been on Mako Island?

No. Mako Island is not a real place. Mako Island is a fictitious place, created for the H2O television series and filmed at Sea World, on The Spit on Queensland's Gold Coast. There is no actual island there.

Is robot island Game Show Island?

There is only Game Show Island, but the island does have to do with robots.