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Depending on heirlooms and guild bonuses to XP, you can expect to leave Gilneas between level 12 and 16.

You will end up in Darnassus to continue your adventures, but won't be able to return to the Gilneas starter zone.

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Q: What level do worgen characters leave gilneas?
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What will the new race be in World of Warcraft?

Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing Cataclysm December 7th, 2010. The two new races will be Worgen and Goblin. Worgen will join the Alliance and have a starting zone in Silverpine Forest (Gilneas) and the Goblins will join the Horde and have a starting zone around Azshara, which will be converted to a low level zone.

Where do you get an alligator from in World of Warcraft?

There are no alligators in World of Warcraft. There are however crocodiles/crocolisks. For the alliance, the earliest zone to have a crocolisk is Gilneas (Swamp Crocolisk). However since Gilneas is a phased zone and only Worgen of a certain level can be in there, the other earliest zone is Loch Modan (Loch Crocolisk). For the horde, the earliest zone to have a crocolisk is Northern Barrens/Durotar. There is a river seperating the two zones and there are crocolisks there.

Where is a worgen mount trainer in World of Warcraft?

There is no Worgen race mount in World of Warcraft. However Worgens have a special racial move that allows them to move as fast as an animal. (This is automatically learned at Level 20) While the Worgens do not have a seperate mount like the other races (except for the special racial ability), they do have a mount dealer in Darnassus that sells mounts. The mounts are just horses, like the humans, but slightly different (name, etc). Like the other races, you will need to be exalted with Gilneas (unless you are Worgen) in order to purchase it. The dealer is located outside of the Howling Oak, in Darnassus.

Why cant you be a worgen in World of Warcraft Cataclysm?

The only reason that the game would not let you choose to be a Worgen is if your account is not upgraded to the Cataclsym level.

Is there a level requirement to play as a worgen in the new warcraft?

Apparently not, you start at level 1 like most characters (except Death Knights) and you start in your cursed village where you are given quests. Once you get to level 15, you venture into the outside world.

On cataclysm what level do you have to be to get a mount for goblins and worgons?

Although cataclysm is not out yet, it can be a safe assumption that mounts for goblins and worgen will be at the same level as every other races mounts. the only class that will be getting a mount at a level other than normal is the death knight class, which all death knights get at level 55 after a quest.

How do you play lich king on wow with new patches for cata?

If your account is flagged for Wrath of the Lich King, but you did not buy Cataclysm, the game works as normal. However, you will not be able to make Goblin or Worgen characters, learn Archaeology, level above level 80 or access the Cataclysm zones. All content that existed prior to Cataclysm is still available to you, including the revamped Old World questlines and zones. These are available to all players regardless of which expansions they bought.

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