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Snorlax does not evolve. In gold, it is a non-evolutionary pokemon.

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Q: What level does Snorlax evolve in Pokemon gold?
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What level do unknowns evolve in Pokemon gold?

Unowns do not evolve.

What level evolve Togepi in Pokemon gold?

You have to have it have high happiness. It doesn't evolve at a level.

What level does wooper evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

Wooper will evolve at Level 20.

What level does geodude evolve at in pokemon gold?


What level does farfetch'd evolve at on heart gold?

Farfetch'd is a Pokemon that does not evolve.

What level does a spinarack evolve on Pokemon gold?


At what level does haunter evolve in Pokemon gold?

you have to trade

When does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon Gold?

Level 21

When does rhyhorn evolve in Pokemon Gold?

Level 42

What level does grimmer evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

at level 38

What level does metopod evolve into Butterfree in Pokemon gold?

Level 10

What level does horsea evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

at level 32