What level does Zapdos learn a move?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Look here:émon)#Learnset

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Q: What level does Zapdos learn a move?
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What level does Zapdos learn thunder bolt?

Zapdos doesn't learn it by leveling up. You buy or find TM24(Thunderbolt) and then teach it to Zapdos.

In firered what level does Zapdos learn thunder?

level 85

When does zapdos learn new moves in Pokemon leaf?

it gets a new move when you get it to lvl 75. after that you have to use tms. that's not true. zapdos learns charge at Lv 60 No he doesn't my Zapdos just reached level 60 and nothing happened.

What does Zapdos learn in pokemon leafgreen?

Zapdos will not learn many moves, but here are a few moves such as: Charge on level 61 Light Screen on level 73 Thunder at level 85 Hyper Beam by TM15 Shock Wave by TM34 Hope this helped you and your Zapdos!

Will Zapdos learn a one hit ko on soul silver?

Zapdos does not learn a 1-hit K.O. move leveling up in any Pokemon game.

What level does Zapdos learn thunder in fire red?

I think you have to use a TM on him.

Why can your Zapdos not learn solarbeam?

The same reason a Bulbasaur can't learn Flame Thrower. Type incompatibility. Zapdos is a electric/flying Pokemon and Solar Beam is a grass-type move.

Does zapados learn thunder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Zapdos will learn Thunder on it's on sometime around level 60.

Which level does Zapdos learn zap cannon in SoulSilver?

Zapdos does not learn zap cannon via level up or through any other means in Generation IV. It used to be able to learn it via TM in Gen II, so I suppose you could trade one from there if possible

What does Zapdos learn at level 75?

nothing, but it learns drill peck at 71 and thunder at 78.

When does Zapdos learn charge beam?

It does not learn it by leveling up in the Heartgold/Soulsilver versions. But by finding TM 57 you can teach Zapdos Charge beam,you can buy it at goldenrod department store. You can also find it by giving the missing machine piece to the owner of the power plant. It cannot learn it by leveling up in fire red, leaf green, diamond, pearl, or platinum version. It can learn charge by leveling up. Hyper beam can be taught through a tm.

What level is Zapdos in Pokemon FireRed?

you can only get zapdos in fire red and leaf green but in there he is lvl 40 i think