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Sorry but your going to need to use a water stone. Try getting phone numbers from people who say they will give you anything good they find. then you wait

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NO level! you have to use a waterstone.

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Q: What level does poliwhirl evolve into poliwrath?
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How does poliwhirl evolve into poliwhirl on pokemoncrater?

First of all, its Poliwrath. You evolve Poliwhirl into Poliwrath by using a Water Stone.

What level does poliwrath evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Poliwrath does not evolve further. It does, on the other hand, evolve from Poliwhirl with the use of a Water Stone.

At what level does poliwrath evolve?

poliwhirl doesn't evolve by level. for politoed, trade it holding a king's rock. for poliwrath, use a water stone.

What level does paliwag evolve?

Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl at level 25. Poliwhirl will then need a water stone to evolve into Poliwrath or a King Stone to evolve into Politoad.

What level does a poliworl evolve at?

To evolve a poliwhirl you must give it a water stone and it will then evolve into a Poliwrath

Can you evolve a poliwag with a waterstone?

No you can only evolve poliwhirl to poliwrath with the waterstone. Poliwag will evolve at level 25

At what level does Poliwhirl evolve in Pokemon?

Poliwhirl evolves into poliwrath when you use a Water Stone on it. It can also evolve into politoed if you give it a King's Rock to hold and trade it. It does not evolve by level.Poliwhirl evolves into poliwrath when you use a Water Stone on it. It can also evolve into a politoed if you trade it while it's holding a King's Rock.Poliwhirl does not evolve at a level. Poliwhirl can evolve into poliwrath with a water stone, or poliwhirl can evolve into politoed when it is traded while holding a kings rock.Hope I helped!

Does poliwrath evolve into politoad?

No, but Poliwhirl does.

What does poliwhirl evolve into?

Poliwhirl evolves into a Poliwrath with a water stone.

When does poliwhirl evolve in pokemon heartgold?

Use a waterstone on your poliwhirl to evolve it into a poliwrath. However, it is suggested that you wait until your poliwhirl is level 53 to evolve it because that's when it learns its last move. Your poliwrath will not learn Mind Reader or Dynamic Punch by level, but those moves can still be remembered at the move tutor.

What level does Poliwag Evolve into Poliwhirl Pokemon Blue?

Poliwag evolves to Poliwhirl at level 25 and up and poliwhirl evolves Poliwrath W/ Waterstone This works i just did it in Pokemon Mansion

How do you evolve poliwhat into politoad?

Do you mean poliwrath or poliwhirl? If it is poliwrath, he can't evolve. But if you mean poliwhirl into politoed, you have to trade it while it is holding the king's rock. Hint: the king's rock can sometimes be held by wild poliwag or poliwhirl. I had a poliwhirl once and to get to evolve into poliwrath, use a water stone on it. Hope this helps!