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The only one I know of is General Graandor, who drops three noted grimy Snapdragons occasionally. The best ways to get snapdragons are to farm them or buy them.

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Q: What monsters drop a Grimy snapdragon in runescape?
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Were is the best place were to get snapdragon herbs in runescape?

They are received as a drop from some high levelled monsters like General Graardor, though even a Moss giant may rarely drop them. Grimy snapdragon can be purchased for 10 agility arena tickets from Pirate Jackie the Fruit at the Brimhaven agility arena. 2-3 Grimy snapdragons are a possible reward from various Random events, the Gnome Restaurant minigame, or from burning vyre corpses in the Columbarium under Paterdomus. Alternatively, players can grow them from snapdragon seeds at or above level 62 Farming.

Where do you find snapdragons in RuneScape?

these are drop by various creatures or can be grown by snapdragon seeds(requires 62 farming)

What monsters drop goodies in runescape?

all monsters drop goodies except normal rats and spiders

How do you tell monsters' armor type in runescape?

There is a site called Runehq it has everything about Runescape even what monsters drop check it out. : -)

Were in RuneScape can you get monster drops?

Monsters drop them. As a general rule, higher level monsters drop better things.

What monsters drop limpworts in RuneScape?

hill giants and hobgoblins drop them sometimes

Where is grimy Guam found in Runescape?

you can find them at many places. you can buy them from other players on the grand exchange and plant them with 9 farming. many monsters drop them including: men, rock crabs, chaos druids, zombies, moss giants... you get the point.

What monsters on runescape drop the saradomin sword?

Monsters in the god wars dungeon drop them. They're really hard to beat though.

Where do you find toad flax on rune scape?

Toad Flax is a type of herb, found in RuneScape. To get herbs, you can buy them from other players, by trading in game or using the Grand Exchange. Another good way to get herbs is to kill certain monsters that drop them. Druids are perfect for this; they drop grimy herbs a lot.

Do you have to do a quest before NPC's will drop Clue Scrolls in runescape?

No, but only certain NPC's, monsters will drop them.

On runescape what monsters drop blue charms?

When I trained range on fire giants i got like 100 blue charms or more their not likely to appear though that's just one of the monsters that drop them try going to a runescape help site and type in monsters that do drop blue charms.

What monsters drop iriti n runescape?

Killing druids in taverly dungeon is probably the best place to get any herbs, they drop more that most monsters do.