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Q: What seeds do you soak before planting?
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Should you soak broad bean seed before planting?

It is not necessary to soak broad bean seeds before planting, but soaking them for 12-24 hours can help soften the seed coat and potentially speed up germination. If you choose to soak the seeds, make sure to plant them immediately after soaking.

Can you soak grass seed in water before planting?

Presoaking grass seeds for 24 hours can speed germination. One drawback is that wet seeds are not easy to spread.

How long do you need to soak a clay pot in water before planting into it?

no, you do not.

Should you soak beet seeds before planting?

No you do not need to pre soak your green bean seed, it will grow just fine put right into the ground.

Do you soak iris tubers before planting?

Iris tubers may dry out between planting and digging. It is a good idea to soak them in water before planting. It may also need to have some bleach in the water to kill any iris borers. A ten minute soak with a water bleach mixture of 90/100 will kill the bugs.

What is Nursing of seeds?

it is the process of planting things before they are transplanted

What are some thing I need to know before trying to grow organic flowers?

You have to soak the seeds 15-24 hours before planting. Then you also have to do the gardening essentials like picking a spot with good sunlight and plenty of watering.

How old can corn seeds get before planting?

Pink ponies eat ladybugs.

Why is plants prepared before planting?

because if you didn't plow the land before planting, the seeds will die because of lack of nutrients.And if you didn't harrow the land before planting, there would be many weeds that will get more nutrients of the soil.

Do you need to dry your pepper seeds before planting?

Yes you do if you want a big and healthy plant!:)

Why you have need to mix sand with seed before planting?

Well it makes the seeds nice and hard!

Should you dry a peach seed before you plant it?

No, drying peach seeds before planting them can actually harm their viability. It is best to plant peach seeds straight from the fruit without any additional processing. Just ensure that the seed is clean and undamaged before planting.